The Information We Collect

We are liable to collect the information as soon as the visitor logs in on our website and redeems a service or even apply for the newsletter. It is also very much possible that the data is transferred by filling out the form.

You will be asked to enter the name, email, phone number and also the mailing address. This way, we define our medium of collecting the information. Moreover, the credit card information is also encaptured.

Be informed that Google is considered a third party vendor and uses cookies to endorse the on-web ads. It should be made clear that Google uses the DART cookies to operate the ads that show on the websites.

The Purpose of The Information

We utilize the taken information to provide the following benefits to the visitors :

How Do We Secure Your Information?

We safeguard the information offered to us and run security loops for maximum protection of the personal information.

We use a secured company server which helps process the personal information to make transactions online. It has security loops which keeps the data confidential.

Do We Deal With Cookies?

The cookies are used to make the shopping experience smoother especially at the time of adding items to the cart. It also helps us in making the future visits quicker and more smooth compared with the first time.

Do We Share The Information To The Other Parties?

We do not share your information to the third parties, unless, if it is required to make the transactions happen. However, at this point, we have a list of third party vendors that are entrusted when it comes to sharing the information. The information is processed under the obligation of the law exclusively for transparency.

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